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क्लच उचलण्याचे वैशिष्ट्य


क्लच उचलणे can be used with spherical head lifting anchors. The  क्लच उचलणे is made of high quality steel and they are designed with a safety factor 5 times the working load.The special design of the clutch ensures a tight and safe connection to the spherical head lifting anchor. The shackle fits the hemispherical cavity created by the recess former perfectly. Theक्लच उचलणे, recess former and lifting anchor only correspond when they are from the same load group. The load group is clearly marked on theक्लच उचलणे.The  क्लच उचलणे is a heavy duty lifting device for load groups from 1.3 – 32 tons.

कोड रोड ग्रुप (टन) लोड रेंज टन
DZ190103003 1.3T 1-1.3
DZ190103004 2.5T 2-2.5
DZ190103005 5T 4-5
DZ190103006 10T 7.5-10
DZ190103007 20T 15-20

पृष्ठभाग लेप: पृष्ठभाग लेप: पांढरा झिन्स्ड आणि पिवळा passivated प्रत्येकक्लच उचलणेindividually tested to 2.5 x SWL.The min broken load of theseक्लच उचलणे is more than 5:1 safety factors.